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SoftWave is a patented non-invasive shockwave therapy that increases blood flow and promotes natural healing at the cellular level.

Shockwave therapy is used to treat all sorts of conditions, from chronic pain to sports injuries to conditions like arthritis and certain peripheral neuropathies! Unfocused shock waves spread energy to a larger and deeper area of tissue, which allows for greater healing than radial waves without any side effects.

What Can SoftWave help with?

Image by Cara Shelton



Knee Pain


Shoulder Pain/ Frozen Shoulder

Back Pain Treatment

Lower Back Pain/ Sciatica

Plantar Fasciitis.jpeg

Plantar Fasciitis

Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

HIp Pain.jpeg

Hip Pain

Back Pain

Many More Conditions!

What To Expect

The procedure averages 10-15 minutes but may be longer depending on treatment area and diagnosis. A gel is applied to the surface area to be treated. The applicator produces pulses as the clinician moves around the treatment area. During therapy, communication with the provider is necessary to identify treatment areas and monitor progress.

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