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How much does it Cost?

Not only is chiropractic proven to be effective in treating a variety of ailments, it is also extremely cost-effective. Studies have shown that chiropractic patients and insurance companies save significantly on healthcare costs such as hospitalizations, surgeries, medications and more. As every person and situation is different, it is difficult to know how much your treatment will cost before the doctor has a chance to evaluate you. After you complete the initial consultation and assessments, the doctor will be able to determine your recommendations for care and a plan of action to help you reach your health goals. At your second visit, all financials will be explained and questions answered. It is important for us to keep care affordable for the whole family, so we have a variety of options available to you.

Do you accept insurance?

Yes, we are in network with most major insurance companies that cover chiropractic care. On your first visit, we will complete a complimentary benefits check to let you know exactly what is covered, so please bring us your photo ID and insurance card. You will not incur any charges prior to us discussing them with you.

What if I feel fine?

Remember that “feeling fine” is not the same as functioning well. Pain is like the worst employee you’ve ever had – it is usually the last to show up and one of the first to go. It is a warning signal that a dysfunction has been present in your body for too long. Achieving true health and healing takes time and repetition, and when we are reaching your health goals, the last thing we want to happen is for your body to reverse back to where it was or become even worse off than before. Similar to brushing your teeth, achieving a fitness goal, or improving your diet, maximizing your health and the work you have done with maintenance chiropractic care ensures the continuance of optimal function and healing and keeps your body prepared to handle the various stress we experience every day.

When can i get adjusted?

First, we need to identify the cause(s) of your health concerns by looking at your history and completing thorough health assessments and diagnostic exams and evaluations in our office. We typically start very conservative care on your first visit so that we can spend quality time looking over your findings and determining what care you need to get you back to functioning and feeling better. Your health is important to us and we pride ourselves on doing it due diligence.  However, depending on initial findings found by the doctor, it may suggest an adjustment will be performed on your first visit.

How long will a typical visit take?

We know you are busy and we strive to respect your time. You can expect your first visit and evaluation to take approximately 60 minutes. If you are coming in with family members who are also getting their assessments, please prepare for longer. Completing the paperwork ahead of arrival will also save you time in our office. After the first two visits, a typical visit takes between 5 and 15 minutes. There will be an occasional re-assessment as we closely monitor your progress, which on average takes no more than 20-30 minutes. We will schedule these extended appointments ahead of time with you so that you can properly plan for your day. If you would like to schedule additional time to talk one-on-one about a particular issue, just speak to our team and we will gladly accommodate you.

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